Body Suit Cover

BOOK ONE in the Silvarian Trilogy

A riches to rags adventure of a clever woman in a high-tech suit versus a hostile AI

Exiled to the mines of Mars...

Silvariah Frandelle, a clever business woman, falls from wealth and success into exile and poverty, indentured--barely one step above slavery--as an off-world laborer to escape prison. Her last calculated risk as a free woman, paid for with years of service, becomes the key to surviving hostile environments.
Space, gravity, and Mars wastelands were expected. Intrusive AIs, obscure experiments and shadowy foes were not.

Nebulus Cover

BOOK TWO in the Silvarian Trilogy

Out of the frying pan into the fire...

Silvariah Frandelle, the famed “Miner Girl” who escaped certain death on Mars, wants nothing more than a stable life on Earth, free from the trauma of the past. Lazarus Penn stands in her way. No device or tactic is beneath him as he fights to take possession of her and everything that belongs to her. From the courts of Guam City, the tourist haven floating in space, to the depths of the sea, to the streets of Old Seattle, he sets forces in pursuit, both human and otherwise, to regain his power over her and take possession of her as is—he believes—his right.

Meanwhile on Mars, old friends fight to survive against harsh realities, and a bitter enemy simmers and plots revenge.

The Denser Plane Cover

BOOK THREE in the Silvarian Trilogy

Kidnapped in space...

Silvariah and Walter’s little girl is in danger and facing the tyrant, Penn, is the only recourse left. In a brazen act of desperation, they travel to the Moon, convinced it holds the secret to his nefarious empire.
They know Penn is baiting them.
They go anyway.
When Scarlet disappears, they face off against their enemy with all their wits and strength, hoping it will be enough. Penn is confident he can’t lose—but there are factors no one could have anticipated.
Things like an independent little girl, a mercurial android… and the alien forces of the Denser Plane.